• Chloe Britten


Updated: Apr 9

Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses, here are some that I have found whilst going through my journey.

In regards to my strengths, I have found that personally I can write clearly and concisely, with a wide range of vocabulary. I am also a good team player and I am happy to take other people's ideas on board. I have also been told that I am a good listener and a fast learner. Professionally I believe that I have the ability to be able to make decisions quickly yet calmly. I also have a good understanding of Premiere Pro.

In terms of personal weaknesses, I find it very hard to speak up and make my voice heard when it comes to decision making and that is something that I need to improve on if I need to work with a team in the future. I find it hard to stay focused, this is something I have noticed has gotten worse over the years and need to work on if I am to progress with my career. Professionally, I think I still have a lot to learn in regards to Premiere Pro and After Effects if I want to make editing a career. I also need to broaden my knowledge with regards to cameras. I have a very basic understanding of their functions and I think that if I ever need to take a camera operating job I should at least know how to operate more than one camera.

Overall there are definitely areas in which I can improve, I believe that if I am to become an editor I would need to strengthen my ability to focus as editing requires being in the same location and spending countless hours tweaking footage to get it right. Professionally, I need to expand my knowledge in regards to camera functions. This can be related to my own personal equipment or to widely known, industry-standard equipment, this would allow me to get my work to the highest standard that it can be.



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