• Chloe Britten

Learning the ropes

Updated: Apr 9

Being an editor isn't as easy as I first thought. Same goes for the film industry as a whole. However, with my work at uni, I am able to explore and broaden my knowledge in regards to editing. Just in the first trimester, I've had the opportunity to edit some class projects together. These projects have allowed us to work on our group dynamics as well as show us what each person wants to focus on in regards to film.

With the first project, there were issues, this came with the initial edit and due to some unexplained issue, the audio was corrupted. Thankfully, all of the original files were intact, I went home and fixed the problems with the audio. This definitely taught me that sometimes things go wrong, but they can always be fixed. This also allowed me to explore many of the features in Adobe Premiere Pro.



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